The All New Atom (2006) - #13

"Hunt for Ray Palmer Part Two: Second Genesis"

Cover Date:
  • September 2007
Cover Price:
  • $2.99
Issue Tagline:
  • Down down down and dirty!
  • Color; Standard Comic Issue; 32 pages
A version of:
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Other versions of this issue:
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Story Arc(s):
  • Ryan's search for Ray Palmer brings him to the Amazon rain forest to the village of Laethwaen, which had been previously thought to be destroyed. What Ryan finds, however, is a land divided by their thoughts about Ray Palmer. Barely surviving his experience after a fierce gladiatorial combat, Ryan comes face to face with Donna Troy, Jason Todd, and a Monitor!
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Reprinted/Collected in:
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  • Ray Palmer, Princess Laethwen & Eclipso appear in flashback.
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