Silver Surfer (1968) - #10

"A World He Never Made!"

Cover Date:
  • November 1969
Cover Price:
  • $0.15
Issue Tagline:
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  • Color; Standard Comic Issue
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Story Arc(s):
  • Shalla Bal embarks on a journey to Earth to find her beloved Norrin Radd with an evil scientist. They have a bargain that if the Surfer has found another, she must marry him as payment for the trip. On Earth, the Silver Surfer once again tries to live as a human, this time in South America in a country which has been occupied by a revolutionary government. When a woman who has saved the Surfer is captured, the Surfer returns the favor to her. His payment is a kiss, but at an unfortunate time, as just then Shalla Bal sees him for the first time!
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Reprinted/Collected in:
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