Strange Tales (1951) - #180

"The Judgment! / The Trial of Adam Warlock"

Cover Date:
  • June 1975
Cover Price:
  • $0.25
Issue Tagline:
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  • Color; Standard Comic Issue
A version of:
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Other versions of this issue:
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Story Arc(s):
  • Arriving on Homeworld, Warlock and Pip immediately find themselves to be targets of the Magus' Black Knights. Separating for their own good, Warlock allows himself to be captured, while Pip goes to find a bar. For Warlock, he is placed on trial, which quickly devolves into a sham, but gives Warlock more insight into the Magus' true nature, before he is sent for reprogramming. Meanwhile, Pip meets a mysterious woman who is determined to destroy the Magus, even if that also means destroying Adam Warlock!
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Reprinted/Collected in:
  • Autolycus and Magus only appear in flashback. Story credited to Sam Jiltirn, Inks credited to J. L. Minirats, Colors credited to Ms. Natjiril; all anagrams of "Jim Starlin."
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