Hal Jordan (Green Lantern Corps)

Green Lantern Corps
In June 2018, WB has handed the writing duties of Green Lantern Corps to Geoff Johns. Mr. Johns is an American comic book writer famous for his DC characters like Flash, Aquaman, Superman and Green Lantern. Mr. Johns was the President and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of DC Entertainment since 2016. He has stepped down from the role of CCO to be on more on the creative side. It has been confirmed Hal Jordan and John Stewart will be the main characters in the Green Lantern Corps movie in July 2020.  However, news of the movie has been slowed. For some reasons, I don’t think the movie will be out by that date. DC movies take longer than 1 year to make and market. 
Hal Jordan first appeared Showcase #22 (October 1959) created by John Broome and Gil Kane. Jordan is a trained aircraft pilot. His ring allows him to fly, create force field and construct objects. 
A Green Lantern movie came out 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds as Hal Jordan. The movie was a box office disappointment and lots of negative reviews. Grossed $219 million worldwide with a production budget of $220 million and not counting the marketing costs. 
A copy of Showcase #22 CGC  4.0 sold for $2,850.00 in June 2018. No recent sale of Showcase #22 CGC  4.0 recently but there was a Showcase #22 CGC  4.5 sold on February 26 for $3,150. 

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