Captain Britain

Back in the fall 2018  Marvel was developing a Captain Britain and Black Knight movie. This movie will be directed by Guy Ritchie. This blog will talk about Captain Britain. Check out my  blog about Black Knight.

Captain Britain was introduced in Captain Britain Weekly (October 1976) published by Marvel Comics. While riding on his motorcycle, Brian Braddock got injured. Merlyn and his daughter appeared to him and offered him the role of Captain Britain. They offered him a choice, the Amulet of Right or the Sword of Might. Brian didn’t considered himself to be a warrior, chose the Amulet of Right. When Brian rubbed the Amulet, he transformed himself into Captain Britain. He has superhuman strength, speed, agility and reflexes.


Captain Britain was introduced Marvel Team-Up #65 as his first U.S appearance. Two copies of Marvel Team-Up #65 CGC 9.6 sold for $199.99 on September 15 and 18.

Let’s see what happened to the value of this book after the announcement was made more than 6 months ago. Prices went down. There were 2 sales of Marvel Team-Up #65 CGC 9.6 . One sold for $182.00 on February 3 and another sold for $150.21 on January 19.


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