1st look at Hydro-Man in Funko POP toy

Back in August, Tom Holland who plays Spider-man might have spoiled a new villain for the Spiderman: Far From Home movie. Tom was teasing on a video that he does all his own stunts, in the background, his stunt double got splashed with water. Now everyone is speculating that Hydro-Man will be another villain in addition to Mysterio. Mysterio in Spider-man: Homecoming sequel
We have a look at Hydro-Man in the movie or could it be an illusion done by Mysterio.
Funko  POPtoy has released a picture of Hydro-Man.
Hydro-Man first appeared in Amazing Spider-Man 212 (January 1981) published by Marvel Comics written by Dennis O’Neil and drawn by John Romita, Jr. Hydro-man, Morris Bench, was a crewman on a boat. After witnessing Spider-man defeat Namor, he was knocked overboard. He became Hydro-Man when his body was combined with bacteria and a powerful generator is being experimented in the water. He blamed Spider-man for that accident and hunted Spider-man for that. Hydro-Man has
 water manipulation and he also a great street fighter.
A  copy of Amazing Spider-man 212 CGC 9.8 sold for $279.95 on August 15. I think Hydro-Man if he does appeared in the movie will be minor character just like the Shocker in Spider-man: Homecoming. Sell now if you have a copy. 2 copies of  Amazing Spider-man 212 CGC 9.8 sold for $399.95 and $500 on January 15. Wow! Prices are going up for these books. Some recent copies of Amazing Spider-Man 212 CGC 9.8 sold for $525 on April 3 and $524.95 on March 30.

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