Orm (Ocean Master) in Aquaman

Aquaman is out on DVD on  Tuesday, March 26. The movie did very well at the box office. Aquaman grossed over $330 million domestically and $810 million in other countries. Let’s see how that affect the value of Orm in comic books.
Ocean Master is the main villain in Aquaman released on December 21, 2018 by Warner Brothers.
Orm is a half-brother of Aquaman (Arthur Curry) who wants to take the throne of Atlantis.
Warner Brothers  released a picture of Orm. I put it side by side with comic version. However, it seems like Orm is holding his mask. In the comic book, he wears the mask pretty much all the time.
Orm will be played by Patrick Wilson. Patrick is famous for his roles in Insidious (2010), Insidious: Chapter 2 (2013), Conjuring (2013) and The Conjuring 2 (2016).
Ocean Master first appeared in Aquaman 29 (September 1966), created by Bob Handy and Nick Hardy. Orm is fully human, unlike his half-brother Aquaman
Back in May  Aquaman 29 CGC 4.0 sold for $110.00. In August you were looking to pay $250 for the comic book. Couldn’t find any sale of CGC  4.0  before the release of the movie but did see CGC 5.0 with the best offer accepted of $175 on November 7.
There was no recent sales of Aquaman 29 CGC 4.0 after the DVD released but there was one sale Aquaman 29 CGC 4.0 on March 17 for $86.65.

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