Iron Fist


On February 18, Netflix announced the cancellation of Punisher and Jessica Jones TV shows. These joined Daredevil (3 seasons), Iron Fist (2 seasons) and Luke Cage ( 2 seasons) as cancelled showed. This blog will talk about the Iron Fist. This show aired his second season o September 2018.  In October 2018, Netflix cancelled the series. This show stars Finn Jones as Iron Fist. Finn is known for his role in the HBO Games of Throne tv shows.




Iron Fist  first appeared in Marvel Premiere 15  (May 1974) published by Marvel Comics created by Roy Thomas and Gil Kane.

Iron Fist is a skilled martial artist. He is a member of the New Avengers and Thunderbolts.

A recent copy of  Marvel Premiere 15 CGC 7.0 sold for $157.50 on February 15.



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