Masters of the Universe starts filming in summer 2019

Sony is planning to release He-Man and Masters of the Universe on December 18, 2019. I don’t see that happening because they haven’t started production yet.  The script of the movie is being re-written by Art Marcum and Matt Holloway. They were the writers of Iron Man and Punisher: War Zone.

Now we hear they will start filming this summer with the release date of October 2, 2020.


He-Man first appeared in comic book in DC Comics Presents 47. The toy line came out in 1982. The cartoon came out in 1983. I grew up watching this show. I enjoyed it very much as a child. I am looking forward to this movie whenever it comes out.

There was a movie back in 1987 starring Dolph Lungdren as He-Man. The movie didn’t do well in the box office. Hopefully this new one will do much better.

A  copy of DC Comics Presents 47 CGC 9.8 had a Best Accepted Offer of $750 on January 7. A recent copy of DC Comics Presents 47 CGC 9.8 sold for $740 on January 23.


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