Pokémon Go grossed $68 million in January



Pokémon Go game is still going strong because Niantic has an excellent January by grossing almost $68 million. This number is up from last January  of $37 million. This was first reported by Sensor Tower. The game has grossed more than $2 Billion worldwide since Pokémon Go debuted in July 2016.

What contributed to the gross for the month of January? Niantic started out January with Adventure Sync Hatchathon. 5K and 10K appeared more regularly with 2X Hatch Candy and 2X Hatch Stardust from Jan 2 to Jan 15.

On January 12, Totodile was the Pokémon for the month (ok, ok, just joking) by  being the Pokémon for Community Day.

Starting Jan 15 was the Hoenn event, there is a chance of catching a shiny zigzagzoon and tailow.

The raid boss, Heatran was available through January 18. Afteward, we got Groudon and Kyogre back and a chance of them being shiny. A new raid boss, Palkia, was available started in January 29.

A limited Research featuring Feebas was available on January 19. However this was the biggest disappointment according to the trainers. Task was long and the shiny feebas was at a very low percentage.

Shiny psyduck was available on the weekend starting January 26.

With so many exciting events in January, Niantic kept the trainers busy. That means more money for Niantic. Will February  gross more than January?  


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