Agent Liberty on Supergirl

 This is a blog to see how the first appearance of Agent Liberty in comic book is doing since his appearance  on CW Supergirl
 Agent Liberty appeared at the end of the trailer for the fourth season of CW Supergirl. 
Agent Liberty definitely look different than the comic book version.
Agent Liberty first appeared in Superman #60 (October 1991) published by DC Comics created by Dan Jurgens. Benjamin Lockwood, Agent Liberty,  has a special suit that provide weapons and jet pack to fly. He is part of the team Justice League, Sons of Liberty, and CIA at different times.
Ben worked for the CIA but left because he was disgusted with their methods. He joined the Sons of Liberty, a group’s mission is to overturn the government. He was assigned to assassinate a politician, he refused and left the team. He joined the Justice League briefly afterward. 
Agent Liberty  is played by Sam Witwer. He is famous for his roles in WB Smallville TV show and ABC Once Upon A Time TV show. In this Supergirl TV show, Agent Liberty will be a founder of Children of Liberty, a hate group who supports human first.
I didn’t know too much about this character, I need to do some research. 1991 when that comic book came out,  that was my crazy year in buying comic books. I must have not bought that comic book.
A  copy of Superman #60 CGC 9.8 sold for $61 plus shipping on July 20.
Now that the first half of season 4 has ended. Agent liberty is locked up in jail. Will he appeared in the second half of Supergirl? Let’s find out how the TV show affect his value in comic books. There was a Best Offer Accepted of $129.99 on October 22. Other than that, not much sales. In conclusion, his appearance on TV didn’t impact sales.
Supergirl will be back on Sunday, January 20.

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