Dreamgirl in Supergirl TV show

Dream Girl in Supergirl TV show
 We have seen Dream Girl or Nia Nal. Let’s see how the TV show affects the value of her first appearance in comic books. Before we get to that, let’s go over Dream Girl.
Nicole Maines portrayed the character Dream Girl on the fourth season of CW Supergirl. She is part of the main cast. She will be a reporter under Kara’s (Supergirl) wing.
Nicole Maines is an American actress who identified herself as a female as young as 3 years old. She was in a HBO documentary The Trans List as herself.
Dream Girl, Nura Nal, first appeared in Adventure Comics #317 (February 1964) published by DC Comics written by Edmond Hamilton and drawn by John Forte. Dream Girl can see the future in her dreams. She can strategize her planning with her ability.
Will Dream Girl draw more viewers to watch Supergirl? I don’t think it will affect ratings at all. Fans will watch that show regardless who plays that character.
A  copy of Adventure Comics #317  fine condition was bought on ebay for $25.69 plus shipping on September 16. Looking at ebay, you can purchase these for $10 to $20 on ebay. Her appearance on TV doesn’t affect the prices of the comic books. Sell if you any extra copy.
Supergirl is back on Sunday, January 20.

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