Gilgamesh (Forgotten One) in Eternals


Marvel announced they will have two movies for 2020. They are  Black Widow on May 1, 2020 and Eternals on  November 6, 2020. This will be a weak year for Marvel. Black Widow is a B character and The Eternals is a title no one heard of. This blog will talk about The Eternals. Check out my earlier blog onBlack Widow

We now hear that Marvel will start production in September 2019 so we should be hearing about casting call in the summer.  One rumor we hear is that Hercules might be cast in the movie. See Hercules. We also hear a villain named Druig, could be main villain? see earlier blog. We also hear a character named Elysius might be playing a prominent role in the movie. see earlier blog. Another character named Gilgamesh, The Forgotten One, might make an appearance.




Gilgamesh  first appeared in Eternals 13 (July 1977) published by Marvel Comics created by Jack Kirby. He has the superhuman strength, speed and stamina. His strength is on the same level as Thor and Hercules.



The Eternals was first appeared in The Eternals (July 1976) published by Marvel Comics  was created by Jack Kirby. Jack had created the New Gods in DC. However, due to low sales, he was able to finish his story. He moved on to Marvel, created a similar story called the Eternals. Same thing happened here, the series was cancelled because of low sales.

The Eternals are the defenders of the Earth fighting against the Deviants.

In April 2018, Kevin Feige announced The Eternals movie with Sersi as the main character. In May Marvel hired two writers, Matthew and Ryan Firpo. In late September, they got Chloe Zhao to direct the movie. She was actually one of the finalists to direct Black Widow movie.

A recent copy of Eternals 13 CGC 9.4 sold for $90 on October 30.





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