Pokémon Go grossed $73 million in October.



Pokémon Go game is still going strong because Niantic has an excellent October  by grossing almost $73 million. This number is down from last month of $84 million but up from last October of  $43.6 million. This was first reported by Sensor Tower. The game has grossed $2.02 Billion worldwide since Pokémon Go debuted in July 2016.

What contributed to the gross for the month of October? Niantic started out September with a bang by extending the hatch of Farfetch’d, Kangaskhan, Mr. Mime, and Tauros  from September 30 to October 8. This gave trainers more time to get those Pokémon.

Psychic-type Pokémon such as Abra, Ralts, and Baltoy  appeared more frequently in the wild from the 5th until October 14. Also there was a chance of catching a shiny drowzee.

The female Pokémon event was short-lived for 11th and 12th of October with a small chance of getting a shiny Niodoran.

What got a lot of trainers excited was Mewtew available in Raid Battle for the first time. Lot of people has to work, didn’t get an EX-pass and/or couldn’t get anyone to show at EX-pass event, were excited that they could get Mewtew for the first time. This event went from September 20 to October 23.

On October 21, Beldum was the Pokémon for the month (ok, ok, just joking) by  being the Pokémon for Community Day.

There was one more surprise for October, Halloween event is back. Okay. Okay. This event is  not a surprise, we have Halloween event every year. Double Candy and  Ghost and Dark-Type Pokémon were available. Also the Renegade Pokémon, Giratina, made his first appearance on October 23. 

Will so many exciting events in October, Niantic kept the trainers busy. That means more money for Niantic. Will November gross more than October?  


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