Happy Pumpkin Day (Jack O’ Lantern)




Today is Happy Pumpkin Day. To honor that I blog about a pumpkin character. The first one that popped in my head is Jack O’ Lantern, foe of Spider-Man.

There have been many characters in the role of Jack O’ Lantern. The original one was Jason Macendale. He was ex-CIA working with Hobgoblin. While Jack O’Lantern was fighting Spider-man with Hobgoblin.Hobgoblin almost got Jack O’Lantern killed. There was a falling out between the two afterward. Jason hired someone to take out the Hobgoblin and bring the costume and weapons to him. He later became the Hobgoblin.

Jack O’ Lantern first appeared in Machine Man 19 (February 1991) published by Marvel Comics created by Tom Defalco and Steve Ditko. Jack wears a pumpkin helmet, has weaponized gadgets, and fly on a hovercraft.

A recent copy of Machine Man 19 sold for $9.99 plus shipping on October 23.

Happy Pumpkin Day!


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