If I win Mega Millions, I will buy Action Comics #1.


I am pretty sure you have heard back now, no one won the Mega Millions on Friday, October 19. I was watching the numbers at 11 pm. I saw some high numbers popped up, I said to myself, no one is gonna win because players tend to use birthdays and birth months as their numbers. The drawing is back on tonight.

As of this writing, the number is at $1.6 Billion. What would you buy if you won? The answer for me is Action Comics #1. Yes. I know. You would say I should buy more comic books than that. That’s true but I don’t want to splurge too much. I heard too many lottery winners end up going bankrupt after couple years because they can’t control their spending. Also I do win, I have to split the winnings with my family because we are in a pool.

The last Action Comics #1 CGC 9.0 sold for $3.2 million in  August 2014. It was sold on ebay. I actually got to witness the bidding. Unfortunately, I didn’t have big chest to put in any bids. It was bought by two dealers who also runs a big comic book ordering website in New York. For a while, they would bring that comic book to comic book conventions like New York Comic Con and Baltimore Comic Con to name a few to display the book for everyone to enjoy. Of course, there was security.

Good luck everyone, tonight!


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