Jack Bannon as Alfred Pennyworth


 With Fox’s Gotham TV show coming to an end, WB will introduce have Alfred Pennyworth TV show. This show will introduce him when he was younger and not as a Butler to Bruce Wayne aka Batman. 

Alfred first appeared in Batman 16 (April 1943) published by DC created by Bill Finger and Jerry Robinson. Before he became a butler, he was a British actor and intelligence officer.

The creator and executive producer of Gotham will create 10-episode TV titled Pennyworth. Will you watch the show? I might check out one or two episodes to see if it is any good.


On Monday, October 15, Jack Bannon was cast in the title role of Batman prequel “Pennyworth” P. Jack is famous for his roles in couple TV shows Ripper and Endeavour.

A  copy of Batman 16 CGC 1.8 sold for $1,079 on August 5. A  copy of Batman 16 CGC 3.0 sold for $2,500 on August 6. Will this hype of the TV show cause this comic book to go up in value?


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