Thief of Thieves




Couple days ago Robert Kirkman, writer of The Walking Dead, announced Skybound Galactic and Sony Picture TV will be producing Thief of Thieves TV show. This is a based on a comic book that was published in 2012. The first issue of Thief of Thieves published by Image Comics in February 2012.

Thief of Thieves is about a master thief who quit and try to steal from other thieves. However, he is running from both sides of the law.

The TV show has been in development for years. AMC who broadcast The Walking Dead approached Robert Kirkman to find out what else he has in development. In 2013 San Diego Comic Con, he announced that Thief of Thieves was in development. In 2016, he said it was a long process. Now hopefully, Sony will move faster than AMC in producing this show.

I am looking forward to this show. I read many issues of this book. Very good stories.

There are couple sellers on ebay asking Thief of Thieves 1 CGC 9.8 signed by Robert Kirkman for $275. Will keep an eye to see if this sold .


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