Carnage in Venom sequel?

Spoilers alert! If you haven’t see the Venom movie yet, stop reading.
Venom movie came out October 5, 2018 produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures.
In May 2018, Woody Harrelson stated that signed up for a small role in the picture but will have a bigger role in the future films.  The producers didn’t want him to read the script before he signed for the film.
At the closing credit, Woody Harrelson played the character named Cletus Kasady. He was being interviewed by Eddie Brock (Tom Hardy). Cletus told Eddie something like this, “when I get out of here, you know I will, there will be Carnage.”
Get ready for sequel!
Woody Harrelson is famous for he comedy TV show Cheers, The Hunger  Games movie franchise and Now You See Me movies.
Carnage first appeared in Amazing Spiderman 361 (April 1992) with a cameo appearance in Amazing Spiderman 360 (March 1992) created by writer David Michelinie, artist Erik Larsen and artist Mark Bagley. Carnage has great physical strength and shape-shifting abilities.
A  copy of Amazing Spiderman 361 CGC 9.8 sold for $382.77 four months ago. Now you are looking to pay a lot more. There were 2 recent sales of Amazing Spiderman 361 CGC 9.8 on October 7 for $520 and $499.99.

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