Sony’s Marvel Universe

Sony’s Marvel Universe
Seems like every week, Sony’s Marvel Universe have some kind of announcements. They could be talking about movies in development, role casting, directors etc. Let’s go over the all the movies from Sony’s Marvel Universe.
I am pretty sure everyone has heard this movie about now. This movie is coming out in October 2018.  I Can’t wait to see this movie. I wrote many blogs about this movie.
No new information on this for a while. see earlier blog Nightwatch
Silver and Black
This movie was scrapped for  2 individual movies starring Silver Sable herself and Black Cat herself. They each get their own movie. Yeah! I also blogged about Silver Sable  Silver Sable in Silver & Blackand Black Cat Black Cat in Silver & Black. The blog was before Sony cancelled the Silver and Black movie.
This movie is still in development see earlier blog Silk
This was a surprise announcement. Out of all the female characters in Spidey Universe, I was shocked Sony wanted to make a movie about her. see earlier blog Jackpot movie
Kraven the Hunter
This might be a great movie but not sure how it works without Spider-man. see earlier blog Kraven the Hunter
Production starts this year with Jared Leto as the main character. Currently they are looking for actress to play his wife.  see earlier blog Morbius
A lot of these movies are under development, they might never happened. I just don’t see them making Nightwatch and Jackpot. These two characters are very minor in the Spidey Universe.
That is all I have. Let me know if I missed any.

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