Spin, new villain, in Flash




Spin will be a new villain in this season 5 Flash show, mostly like for one episode. Couple days ago, I mention another new villain, Ragdoll.  Ragdoll Cicada will be main villain for the entire season. seeCicada, main villain, in Flash season 

Spin first appeared in Flash volume 2 #238 published by DC Comics created by Tom Peyer and Freddie Williams II. Spin, Mr. Auerbach, kept a young man who is able to sense fears in others and making them a reality,  in the basement of his news station.  In the comic book, he has TV head for his costume.

In this Flash show, Spin will be portrayed by a female, Kiana Madiera who is famous for her role in Sacred Lies. Her name on the show will be Spencer Young. Her abilities and costume obviously will be different than the comic book version.

You can purchase a copy of Flash volume 2 #238 for less than $5 plus shipping.



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