Ragdoll will be a new villain in this season 5 Flash show, mostly like for one episode. Cicada will be main villain for the entire season. seeCicada, main villain, in Flash season 5
Ragdoll, Peter Merkel, was first appeared in Flash #36 (December 1942) published by DC Comics created by Gardner Fox. Ragdoll is a contortionist who worked for a circus. The circus got shut down due to hard times. Looking for work, he came up with an idea of hiding inside toy boxes. He would robbed the store during closed time.
WB is currently looking for a contortionist for the role of Ragdoll. I am skinny but I can’t bend. Bummer, I won’t be able to get that role. As of August 23, WB got Troy James from America’s Got Talent for the role of Ragdoll. He was a contestant this summer.
Photo courtesy from America’s Got Talent
Unfortunately there isn’t any Flash #36 (1942) for sale except for coverless comic book on ebay.

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