Carlton Drake (Riot) in Venom

Carlton Drake (Riot) in Venom
By now you have seen the trailer of Venom movie not once but two, three, four or how many times you might have seen it.
Carlton Drake will be the main antagonist  in the Venom movie due out October 5, 2018 produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures. Carlton is also known as Homo Arachnis. Will Homo Arachnis shows up in the movie? Probably not. Venom needs a tougher opponent to fight at the end of the movie. Carlton Drake will become Riot.
Carlton Drake will be played Riz Ahmed. He is famous for his roles in Jason Bourne (2016) and Rogue One: A Star Wars Story (2016).
Carlton Drake in the comic books first appeared in Amazing Spider-man #298 (March 1988) created by David Michelinie and Todd McFarlane. Drake is a leader of the Life Foundation and goes after Venom to create more of his children. He took a sample of Venom’s symbiote and created five more symbiotes. They are Scream, Riot, Lasher, Phage and Agony. However, all of them were defeated by Venom and Spider-man.
Drake later funded the Arachnic Project. He got injected with a serum to cure his cancer but he instead transformed into a spider monster and called himself the Homo Arachnis.
A recent copy of Amazing Spider-man #298 CGC 9.8 sold for $305.00 on August 17. This book is also great to purchase because this was the first time Todd McFarlane drew Spider-Man and also had the first appearance of Eddie Brock.
Venom and Riot picture courtesy from Venom trailer.

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