King Snake

King Snake
King Snake will be appearing on couple episodes of Gotham on Fox this upcoming season.
King Snake, Sir Edmund Dorrance, first appeared in Robin #2 (February 1991) published by DC Comics written by Chuck Dixon and drawn by Tom Lyle. King Snake wasn’t on the cover for issue 2 but he was on the cover for Robin #5. see below.
King Snake is a British citizen who worked for the army. He later became a mercenary. While working with the local rebels, they got hit by the government. Edmund lost his sight in a gunfire. He was able to fled the country by left a woman he slept behind. The local government put her a prison for what Edmund did. She was pregnant and gave birth to the villainous Bane.
You get copies for Robin  #2 on ebay for decent prices. Some sellers are selling Robin #2 as high as $32.99. Need to look around, you can get them lot cheaper than that.

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