Nora West-Allen

lastsharecollage-6By now you have seen season 5 of Flash finale, at the end of the show, Nora, Barry Allen Iris West-Allen’s daughter from the future, showed up at the party. Nora told them she made a big mistake.
The photo above is the costume she is wearing for season 5. WB is paying homage to Jenni Ognats. Jenni is a member of Legion of Superheroes. She is the first cousin of Bart Allen and granddaughter of Barry Allen. They both have blue and white costume with yellow emblem on the chest. Both are wearing yellow boots and white gloves.
In the comic books, they have twins. Their names are Don and Dawn. They first appeared in Adventure Comics #373 (October 1968). Don and Dawn have the same power as Barry Alllen. They move so fast, they look like tornadoes. They are also known as “Tornado Twins”.
The producers of the tv show changed Dawn name to Nora to make it less predictable. Jessica Parker Kennedy plays the role of Nora. Jessica also have appeared in Smallville, Secret Circle and Black Sails. 
Some recent copies of Adventure Comics 373 sold for $5-$10 plus shipping.


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