Brenton Thwaites as Robin in Titans

Brenton Thwaites as Robin in Titans
DC have a streaming service showing the Titans. The Titans team will have Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beastboy. Brenton Thwaites will be Dick Grayson (Robin) in this Titans show. Brenton is famous for his role in Gods of Egypt (2016) and Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell no Tales (2017).
DC had released a picture of Robin in the Titans. How does he look compared to the comic book version?
Chris O’Donnell played the role of Robin in Batman Forever (1995) and Batman and Robin (1997).
Robin first appeared in Detective Comics #38 (April 1940) created by Bill Finger and Bob Kane. He is also known as Boy Wonder and Nightwing. He is skilled acrobat and martial artist. Robin was created to get more younger readers to read Batman comic books.
Robin was one of my favorite characters back when I was younger. I read Batman and Detective Comics, also read Robin comic books when he had his solo title.
Unfortunately, there aren’t too many copies of Detective Comics #38 on the market due to the age and being in collector’s personal collection.


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