Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane in Doom Patrol

Diane Guerrero as Crazy Jane in Doom Patrol
DC will have a streaming service  showing the Titans. The Titans team will have Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy. On the fifth episode of this 13 episode Titans show, DC will introduce the Doom Patrol. This Doom Patrol team will have Robotman, Negative Man, Elasti-Girl, Crazy Jane and Chief. Doom Patrol will have a spin-off series starting in 2019.
 Robotman is a former pilot whose brain is now inside a robot. Negative Man has the power to produce explosion with positive contact. Elastic-Girl has the ability to shrink and grow. Crazy Jane has various personalities and various abilities. Chief is a medical doctor and  leader of this team.
Crazy Jane first appeared in  Doom Patrol Volume 2 #19 (February 1989) published by DC Comics written by Grant Morrison and drawn by Richard Case.
Diane Guerrero will play the character Crazy Jane. Diane is famous for her roles in Netflix series Orange is the New Black and CW TV show Jane the Virgin. 
I read Doom Patrol back in late 1980’s. Doom Patrol was actually in my brother’s collection. We bought comic books Saturday morning and shared our comic books in the afternoon. It was fun afternoon reading comic books back in those days. Pages were much longer and comic books were not as high as today.
You can get a copy of Doom Patrol Volume 2 #19 for $25 on ebay.

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