Alpha in The Walking Dead




Alpha in The Walking Dead

Alpha will be the main villain when The Walking Dead TV show returns in October 2018. Samantha Morton will be playing that character. Samantha is an English actress famous for her roles in Minority Report (2002) and John Carter (2012)

Alpha is the leader of the Whisperers. They are a group who disguised themselves as the walkers by wearing skins to travel with the herd. Alpha has a daughter named Lydia and a right-hand man named Beta in The Walking Dead comic books.

Will Alpha bring more viewers back to watching The Walking Dead? This zombie series have been losing viewer since the peak of season 5 with average of 14.38 million viewers. Last season, season 8, average viewers are down to 7.82  million viewers.  Andrew Lincoln who plays Rick Grimes will be leaving in the middle of season 9 to pursue other adventures. Will that hurt ratings or improved ratings. I think both. His last episode will see a rating bump. The next episode  after he left will see a rating drop.

Alpha first appeared in The Walking Dead #132 published by Image Comics written by Robert Kirkman and drawn by Charlie Adlard.

The Walking Dead #132 CGC 9.8 can be bought on ebay for $50 -$70 plus shipping.



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