Batwoman will be in the Arrowverse this season. It has been confirmed Batwoman will be Kate Kane. There are actually two Batwoman, Kathy Kane and Kate Kane. Kathy was the original Batwoman.

For this blog, I will be talking about Kate Kane. She first appeared in 52 #7 (June 2006). She made a cameo costume appearance the next issue 52 #9 (July 2006).

Kate has a rough childhood. She was kidnapped with her sister and mother. Her father led a rescue mission. However, her mom was executed and her sister died in a crossfire. She attended a military school but got kicked out because of her lifestyle. Her father sent her to college but she doesn’t go. One night she got mugged but with her military training, she was able to fend off the mugger until Batman arrived. Inspired by this, she became Batwoman.

Batwoman will be introduced to the Arrowverse and then will have her own TV show just like how Flash was introduce first in Arrow show and then having his own show. I am looking forward to her appearance. DC does a nice job of TV shows but not so well with movies except for one.

You can find many copies of 52 #7 on ebay for $20-$40 plus shipping.


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  1. Hey man great post but the comic you are going to want is 52 week 11 first full app or Kate Kane as Batwoman but week 7 is definatley a good one to grab


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