Wonder Girl

Wonder Girl 
DC will have a streaming service as early as August showing the Titans. The Titans team will have Robin, Raven, Starfire and Beast Boy. On the ninth episode of this 13 episodes Titans show, DC will introduce Donna Troy (Wonder Girl).
Conor Leslie will play the role of Wonder Girl. Conor is an American actress famous for her roles in Beware the Gonzo (2010) and Chained (2012). 
Donna Troy first appeared in The Brave and The Bold volume 1 #60 (July 1965) published by DC Comics and written by Bob Haney and Bruno Pemiani. She is also known as Wonder Woman, Darkstar and Troia. 
Wonder Girl’s power differed throughout the years but she always have superhuman strength, speed and agility. Wonder Girl belongs in the group Teen Titans with Robin, Kid Flash and Aqualad (all of them sidekicks to Batman, Flash, and Aquaman, respectively).
A recent copy of The Brave and Bold #60 CGC 9.0 sold for $1,300. 

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