Power Pack

Power Pack
Back in September 2017, Marvel wanted to bring Power Pack into Marvel Cinematic Universe. They wanted the movie to be more like “Spy Kids“. We haven’t heard anything about Power Pack until June 26, 2018, Kevin Feige said that Power Pack is still in development.
Power Pack appeared in Power Pack #1 (May 1984) published by Marvel Comics written by Louie Simonson and drawn by June Brigman. This title lasted 62 issues. Power Pack is a story about 4 kids, Alex (age 12), Julie (10), Jack (8) and Katie Power (5). They dealt with many of 1980’s problems like bullying, drug abuse, homelessness, pollution, runaways, gun violence, orphanhood, and kidnapping.
There were only 4 sales of Power Pack #1 CGC 9.8 in the last 3 months before June 26. After Kevin made the announcement on June 26, 3 more sales of Power Pack #1 CCG 9.8. They were sold for around $229.99 to $236.50 on June 26.

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