Patrick Mulligan aka Toxin in Venom Movie


Patrick Mulligan will be in the Venom movie due out October 5, 2018 produced by Columbia Pictures and distributed by Sony Pictures. Will Toxin shows up in the movie? Probably not. Maybe in the sequel. They will introduce Carnage before Toxin in the movies.
Patrick Mulligan is a finest NYC cop. He inherited the symbiote from Carnage. Carnage gave birth like Venom gave birth to Carnage. Carnage fear the new symbiote will be powerful than him but he was too weak to destroy the new symbiote. Carnage implanted into Mulligan and left.
In the movie Venom, Reid Scott (American actor) will play the role of Patrick Mulligan. Scott is famous for his role HBO comedy series VEEP.
Patrick Mulligan first appeared in Venom vs Carnage 1 (September 2004) by Marvel Comics. Toxin first appeared in Venom vs Carnage 2 (October 2004) created by Peter Milligan and Clayton Crain.
Toxin has great physical strength, agility, endurance and stamina. He also has shape-shifting abilities.
A recent copy of Venom vs Carnage 2 CGC 9.8 sold for $300.00
edit: October 2. Reid Scott is not playing Patrick Mulligan. He will be a scientist who is good friends with Eddie and Ann.

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