Cicada as main villain in Flash season 5

There is rumor that Cicada will be the main villain in season 5 of the Flash. Cicada, David Hersch, murdered his wife in a severe thunderstorm. Hersch regretting what he has done, trying to take his own life, only to be struck by lighting. Now he is trying to a get cult by having the cult followers killed all the people Flash saved.
Cicada first appeared in Flash volume 2 issue 170 (March 2001) written by Geoff Johns. Mr. Johns is an an American comic book writer famous for his DC characters like Flash, Aquaman, Superman and Green Lantern. Mr. Johns is now  President and Chief Creative Officer (CCO) of DC Entertainment since 2016.
 Flash volume 2 issue 170 can be found online for around $10 plus shipping. 

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