mini-Red Goblin


mini-Red Goblin

Yes. I know that is not his name. That will be a cool name for the grandson of Norman Osborn aka Red Goblin formerly known as Green Goblin.

Spoiler Alert! At the end of Amazing Spider-man 799. Carnage symbiote bonded with Normie Osborn. Norman “Normie” Harold Osborn was born in Amazing Spider-man 263. However, he was not named until issue 265. Normie is the son of Harry and Liz Osborn.

First Appearance

In issue 263 (Writer Tom Defalco and penciller Ron Frenz) was titled “The Spectacular Spider-Kid”. It was about a young kid who idolized Doctor Octopus but wanted to be Spider-man’s sidekick. Also in this issue, Liz had given baby to a healthy boy.

In issue 265 (Writer Tom Defalco and penciller Ron Frenz) was titled “After the Fox”. This is the first appearance of Silver Sable and second appearance of the Black Fox. Harry revealed his son’s name, Norman Harry Osborn.

On April 6, Amazing Spider-Man 263 CGC 9.8 went for $53.51. On April 18, Amazing Spider-man 799 hits newsstand. Afterward, collectors are hunting for issue 263. The prices have went up. On April 30, Amazing Spider-Man 263 CGC 9.8 went for $199.95. That’s huge increases in prices like almost 375%.

Amazing Spider-man 265 is also a great issue to have in your collection. For the last month, CGC 9.8 is going for $275. There is a movie being developed by Sony called tentatively “Silver and Black” starring Silver Sable and Black Cat. The movie was supposed to start production in March 2018 but got delayed due to script issues. Buy this book now before it goes up in value.

Staying Power

Will mini-Red Goblin be as popular as Venom and Carnage or falls into obscurity like Scream, Lasher, Phage, Agony and Riot? Stay tuned for Amazing Spider-man 800 (coming out on Wednesday, May 30).


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